At the first Cook It Raw, held in Copenhagen in late May 2009, eleven of the world’s most talented young chefs were brought together to explore a new concept of cuisine in tune with nature and encouraging experimentation with energy-saving techniques. The aim was to rethink the role of energy in cooking, and to produce cutting-edge food with minimum-energy impact whilst making the most of the native and wild foods that the season and Danish countryside afforded.

Fish and shellfish

Danish oysters (like french belon)
Small grey fjordshrimps
Sweet red shrimp
King crab
Normal crab
Blue Danish lobster
Razor clam
Large clams
Scallops (this maybe to late in season, in Scandinavia it usually finishes around end may)
Medium size squid (8 arms, 2 tentacles)
Lump fish roe
Turbot (this period, usually with roe)
Pike perch (sweet water)
Grey mullet
Live eel and smoked eel
Salmon (farm, sometimes wild) and smoked salmon
These are the fish that’s are normally in season. Of course because everything is caught wild (except for salmon) there can be periods when you will not able to find them.


It’s end of may so you will have most of the things you will see in France, like asparagus, green peas, various salads and herbs, young onions, carrots etc etc.


All know normal animal is available, pork, cow etc. in every cut needed. Chicken is not of the highest quality. You also have season for small summer deer.


Fresh chicken egg and quail egg, perhaps also duck and sea gull egg, depending of the heat. All types of oil, dried herbs and spices ect. can be provided as long as we have time to order.

Wild herbs and plants

A large selection of wild herbs from the Forest and the beach will be available. We have 3 gatherers that work for us.


This is a bigger problem, at this time you will have only rhubarb and strawberries of not the best quality. Of course if you need other, like raspberries or gooseberries we can fix it from rungis.

Photographs: Per Anders Jorgensen
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