Roberto Solis
Mérida, México

Mérida is the capital city of México’s Yucatán province, and until very recently had never seen the likes of a fine dining restaurant.  Then Roberto Solis opened the doors of his restaurant Néctar, and channeled his enthusiasm for food and cooking into a refined contemporary culinary style that adheres to the heritage of the Yucatán peninsula.  Among the most celebrated chefs in Mexico, Solis is a true, modern-day culinary conquistador, pioneering the haute cuisine of the region into what has now been coined ‘New Yucatecan Cuisine’.  All of the ingredients in his celebrated cuisine are from the Yucatan, and the foundations of his approach are rooted in the distinct customs of the Mayan culture. Without any professional culinary experience to his credit upon opening the restaurant, Solis appeals to an inherent passion for cooking as his only guide for communicating his vision and philosophy.  A true labour of love, he chose cooking as a career but never saw it as a job.  Since the restaurant opened, Solis has spent time broadening his culinary horizons in the kitchens of landmark modernist cuisine advocates, The Fat Duck and Noma.  These influences have enabled him to push the envelope, as he effectively applies the cutting-edge techniques of molecular gastronomy to New Yucatecan Cuisine without surrendering the sovereignty of his Yucatán ingredients.

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