Phil Wood
Sydney, Australia

New Zealand born, Phil Wood was seven years old when Neil Perry, one of Australia’s most influential chefs, opened Rockpool in Sydney.  Twenty-odd years later, the restaurant is now called Rockpool on George and head chef, Wood, is described by his predecessor as “one of the best young chefs this country has to offer”.  With industry experience first garnered from working at Tetsuya’s in Sydney, Wood’s efforts saw him champion the Josephine Pignolet Young Chef of the Year Award.  This accolade presented him with the opportunity to travel and work abroad, resulting in two years spent at the iconic French Laundry in California.

Armed with an inquisitive nature and a naturally laid back spirit, Wood has started to make headlines of his own by putting his signature on a burgeoning and unique Australian-Asian cooking style.  Today he finds himself heading a team of fifteen chefs and has been credited for continuing to evolve the already celebrated cuisine of the multi award-winning Rockpool on George.  His penchant for aromatics and genuine interest in Asian ingredients, combined with quality-sourced local produce, work to create dishes with complementing layers of flavours fit for an epicure.  Wood maintains as one of Australia’s most exciting young and innovative chefs due to his unwavering commitment and dedication to leadership, creativity, and quality.

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