Jeremy Charles
St. John’s, Newfoundland

Only two restaurants in Newfoundland have ever found themselves on enRoute magazine’s coveted Best New Restaurant list. Within a five-year span, both of those restaurants earned the top spot on said list, and both restaurants had Chef Jeremy Charles at the reigns.
A St. John’s native, Charles temporarily took to the mainland to pursue his culinary ambitions to study at the St. Puis Culinary Institute in Montreal. For nearly a decade, he continued to work abroad and honed his skills in top restaurants in Montreal and Chicago.
With his formative years spent fly-fishing on the rivers of Newfoundland, Charles saw his two passions converge when his culinary path led him to man the private kitchens of the Molson Fly Fishing Camp in rural Quebec. Here, he maintained as a private chef for the elite Molson and Bronfman families (and likely cast a line or two) in the comforts of the rugged Canadian wilderness.
Today, Charles finds himself back in St. John’s at the helm of his own restaurant, Raymonds. With strong emotional ties to his home and native Newfoundland, he calls on his inner Viking-self to hunt, fish, and forage the best of what the land has to offer, and it transpires through his contemporary-self into his culinary creations. Credited for both putting Newfoundland on the culinary map and continuing to raise the bar, Raymonds serves rustic regional cuisine that puts a contemporary spin on traditional Newfoundland fare.

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