Enrique Olvera
México City, México

Born in México City, Enrique Olvera is one of a few key players responsible for elevating the status of contemporary, avant-garde Mexican cuisine. In a departure from the ubiquitous ‘Old World’ roots of most fine dining establishments in México, Olvera has spent over a decade at the helm of his restaurant, Pujol, building a foundation for a fine dining platform steeped in the rich cultural heritage of Latin America. Listed at #17 on the current World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, Pujol is México City’s pillar of creative gastronomic excellence in an “evolving and emerging” culinary scene.
Olvera is a decorated graduate of the CIA, New York, and his classical training in the fine dining medium began at the Everest Room in Chicago. Armed with the experience deemed necessary to move forward in the industry, Olvera promptly returned to México City to open Pujol with the goal of reinventing traditional Mexican fare using a careful and innovative approach. With a subtle and distinctly personal touch, he applies both international ingredients and contemporary cooking techniques to traditional recipes with delicacy and diplomacy so not to offend a nation that maintains notably strong emotional ties to its cultural heritage.
Beyond the rigors of being an owner/operator of a world-class restaurant, Olvera has championed an array of national and international culinary awards that have cited him as one of the top 10 chefs in both México and the world. He also has two published works and has been invited to speak at numerous culinary conferences around the world.

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