Connie DeSousa
CHARCUT Roast House
Calgary, Alberta

Dubbed the Primal Ballerina – for her years of formal dance training juxtaposed with her meat-centric culinary mastery – Connie DeSousa is one of Canada’s Top Chefs having starred as a finalist in season one of Top Chef Canada on the Food Network. She is known for stand-out butchery skills. Yes, she can debone a pig’s head in record time. Far from gratuitous, Connie and her restaurant are true to time honoured culinary techniques, sustainability and walking the “toe-to-tail” talk. In a “back-to-basics style” she expertly prepared authentic, regional food at great value and to high critical acclaim.
Young, funny and deliriously hard working, John Jackson has made Canada a better place to eat, live and love. He brought San Francisco-style collaboration to the chef community in Calgary (he puts his competitive bent aside to pull the profession and the city ahead through informal gatherings; he is a powerful voice with tourism and civic organizations advocating for community through food; he welcomes other chefs into his kitchen for shared creative dinners that surprise as well as satiate with flair.
As co-chefs and co-owners of CHARCUT Roast House, one of Canada’s best restaurants, and their food truck Alley Burger, they are leaders in the culinary community; with house butchered meats, home-made preserves, new menus daily, and a bustling open kitchen, John & Connie are helping put Calgary and Alberta on the global culinary map.

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