Cam Dobranski
Kensington Brasserie & Wine Bar

Cam Dobranski is a chef and entrepreneur who owns and operates three successful Calgary restaurants. Brasserie Kensington focuses on simple, comfort European/Canadian cuisine. Winebar Kensington is known for its boutique wine list that has a cult following and serves modern small sharing plates.  His latest creation, Container Bar, is a summer patio bar located in an unassuming alleyway beside the two restaurants.  Made primarily from recycled, refurbished and reused material, Container Bar is setting new ground in Calgary’s outdoor dining scene.  Chef Cam’s other businesses include: Medium Rare Chef Apparel, a company dedicated to bringing fashion into the kitchen, and C2 Distribution, a hospitality-focused plateware manufacturing and distribution company. With a diploma in business management and a culinary career with cooking stints in Zürich to Chicago, Cam is a serial entrepreneur.  Restaurants and the culinary world have been in his blood since his first gig as a pre-teen washing dishes in his uncle’s Edmonton diner.  Cam has defined and redefined his style of cuisine over the years, moving from fine dinning to a more approachable, simpler style that lets the food speak for itself.

Twitter: @The_BrassKens @ChefCamD
Instagram: chefcamd

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