Alex Stupak
Empellón Taqueria, Empellón Cocina
New York City, USA

n a bold and highly criticized move, Massachusetts-born Alex Stupak abandoned his celebrated post as pastry chef with ‘modernist’ ambassadors, Alinea and wd~50, in pursuit of his uncharted passion for Mexican food.

A bona fide CIA graduate, Stupak defected from the molecular movement and joined the ranks of those unafraid to flout the rules of culinary propriety when he openedEmpellón Taqueria in Manhattan, and elevated the status of the common taco.  Offbeat and ripe with purpose, he strictly adheres to the fundamental cooking techniques of traditional Mexican fare, meanwhile putting his own spin on it by choosing less conventional ingredients and combinations.  Scrutinized by both industry professionals and critics alike, Stupak took to the public forum to elicit the integrity behind the undervalued genre and effectively rescued it from the mediocrity and stigma of its humble street cart offerings.

With the critical acclaim surrounding Empellón Taqueira, he channeled his creative momentum into a second restaurant, Empellón Cocina, and furthered the refinement of the ethnic cuisine that he maintains, “rivals any other in terms of technical complexity and pure dynamic flavours.”  An industry rebel with numerous accolades to boot, Alex Stupak championed this year’s Food and Wine ‘Best New Chef, NYC’ distinction.

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