Alejandro Ruiz
Casa Oaxaca
Oaxaca, México

When it comes to tending crops, herding cattle, and hunting and preparing wild game, Alejandro Ruiz was born to it.  Ruiz grew up in the small, farm-based community of Raya de Zimatlán de Álvarez in Oaxaca, México where, as the oldest sibling, he was quick to be appointed to the role of cooks assistant, working alongside his mother in the family kitchen.  It was here that the traditional ingredients and techniques of authentic Oaxacan cuisine laid the foundations for his future success as a key representative for both Mexican and international gastronomy.

Casa Oaxaca is a small, luxury boutique hotel in Oaxaca that presents a personal culinary style that Ruiz refers to as “inspirational cuisine”.  His is an innovative approach, dedicated to preserving the roots of his culinary heritage, that has evolved with precision and delicacy through the careful introduction of select international ingredients and modern gastronomic techniques.  With his accumulated culinary training and experience working in various restaurants both at home and abroad, Ruiz has been tagged as the ‘unofficial ambassador of Oaxacan gastronomy’.  He is the creator and director of The Knowledge of Taste – the first Oaxacan festival of gastronomy and literature, and has also worked closely with a multitude of food related festivals, charity fundrasiers, and academic culinary conferences throughout México.  His efforts have seen his name grace the headlines of numerous national and international media outlets in addition to accepting invites from around the world as a guest chef and lecturer to share the virtues of Oaxacan gastronomy.

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