Cook it Raw brings together avant-garde chefs and traditional food producers to explore the possibilities of cuisine. By providing an arena for true exchange, the gathering not only encourages innovation on the plate, but addresses environmental, social, and cultural issues as well. By creating an opportunity for participants to share and develop their skills and knowledge, Cook it Raw leaves its creative mark on both the chefs who travel and the cultural life of the host country. And by sparking new personal and creative connections, Cook it Raw not only helps preserve foodways in danger of extinction but influences the ideas and techniques of some of the most innovative chefs in the world, advancing, in other words, the very future of cuisine.

After five gatherings, Cook It Raw has reached a stage in which it is ready to expand from temporary gatherings to permanent influence focused on the following principles:

  • Environment
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Traditions


  • Using cuisine to address social, cultural and environmental issues.
  • Encouraging cultural exchange and understanding
  • Fostering the exchange, preservation, and development of skills and knowledge
  • Building friendships and a spirit of collaboration between chefs, participants and the host country
  • Pushing the creative envelope, and leading the way to a new vision of cuisine and what it can do
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