Alessandro Porcelli, Director and Founder

Alessandro Porcelli is the Founder and Director of Cook it Raw, an annual gathering of the world’s most avant-garde chefs. The Cook it Raw mission is to explore ideas around the environment, culinary tradition, creativity and collaboration through the lens of food.

Alessandro has worked on culinary development projects for the last 28 years, including work with government agencies in Italy, Spain and Denmark. Mr. Porcelli was instrumental in setting up the advisory board for Copenhagen Cooking Food Festival,
one of the largest in Scandinavia, and was hired by the Danish Ministry of Economics and Business Affair to design an organizational structure for the promotion of Denmark as a gastronomic destination. Mr. Porcelli worked as a communication officer for Noma, and currently sits on the advisory board for MAD Symposium.

Originally from Trieste Italy, his love of travel and food have taken him on adventures in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Spain and for the last 12 years Copenhagen where he lives with his wife and two young children.

Mr. Porcelli’s first book project, a compendium of the first four Cook it Raw gatherings will be published April 8th, 2013.


Arlene Stein, Special Projects

Arlene has worked for over 20 years in event management, program design and marketing communications. Currently working in the field of environmental sustainability she is a member of Slow Food and is the Chair of Good Food Media. Arlene is the founder and Director of the annual symposium, Terroir Hospitality, which takes place each Spring in Toronto. Arlene joined the Cook it Raw team in 2013 as a Special Projects Coordinator.


Kevin Patricio

Kevin is a food industry professional with over 15 years of experience. He started in the food media in 1998 with Food & Wine Magazine until he transitioned into restaurants in 2004. Since then Kevin has developed his skills (food, wine, cocktails, and service) in some of New York’s and San Sebastian’s most loved restaurants. During his tenure in restaurants, he continued consulting and producing events for a wide array of businesses including media, spirits, wine, and non-profits. His extensive knowledge of the industry and ability to find innovative solutions makes Kevin a valuable new member of the Cook It Raw team. He currently lives in San Sebastian, Spain with his wife and two sons.


Maddie DeWitt

Maddie DeWitt joined the Cook it Raw team in Spring 2013 to help launch the Raw Community. Her background is in film production and non-profit development, and she previously developed a popular website for English-speaking visitors to and residents of Rome. Maddie hails from California, though she currently lives in Italy, where is she is completing a Masters of Food Culture and Communication at the University of Gastronomic Sciences.